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KCET Los Angeles, The Art of Basket Weaving

Bryan Taylor, Taylor’s American Indian Shop owner, was featured in a video from KCET Los Angeles, The Art of Basket Weaving, which discusses (need info from Bryan). Skip to 27:37 to see Bryan Taylor discuss the history of basket collection and which was known as the curio period.

Native American basketry has long been viewed as a community craft, yet the artistic quality and value of these baskets are on par with other fine art. Now Native peoples across the country are revitalizing basketry traditions and the country looks to California as a leader in basket weaving revitalization.

Taylor’s American Indian Shop Video Tour

Take an insiders tour of Taylor’s American Indian Shop and learn what products and services they offer.  Bryan Taylor, owner, has over 40 years of experience and provides evaluation on antique Native American artifacts and provides consignment for items valued over $25.  Come into the shop to take a look around, learn a thing or two, and come out with a unique gift item!